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Terms of Services at Mianhardware

You, the customer, buyer, or the end user is requested to read all the terms and conditions and terms of services along with the privacy policy for Mianhardware. will be referred to as the “site”, “company, “we”, or the “website”. Reading these terms or using the website means the terms and conditions are effective and will be put into practice.

If the terms of services do not stand true in other documents, they will be used for the purpose of keeping conditions for the usage on this site. If you disagree with the TERMS OF SERVICES/CONDITIONS you cannot use the website in any way.

For this purpose, therefore, the privacy policy and terms and conditions have to be accepted. The services are accepted after you click on the affirmation “check box” and press the continue button that shows your acceptance of conditions.

The company has the right to revise the terms and conditions along with the privacy policy at any time. However, all the updates and changes will be notified through notifications on our website. The revised conditions will be effective as soon as the notification is posted on the site.

Please read all the terms and conditions carefully to avoid any problems. These conditions are changed from time to time but serve as a binding contract between the company and you. If you buy or visit the website, you are agreeing to all these conditions.

Moreover, we will send you notifications through emails on your account activity and any purchases that you may make, the emails are also directed to any promotions or updates on our products. You have the option to cancel these emails at any time by clicking on the UNSUBSCRIBE button in our emails. For more information on how we store and collect your personal data, please see the privacy details.

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Terms of Services

    The terms of services applicable while buying on our site are:

  • Items can be exchanged in case of defection or wrong items delivered
  • Delivery charges are to be paid by the consumer
  • The exchange policy starts 7 days after the delivery
  • The minimum value of an order is (insert value)