Free Shipping for all Orders above RS 3000


No, it is not necessary. You can proceed with your order without creating an account, but account creation may be helpful for you in the future for transactions, discounts, and deals
Don’t panic. We are here to help you in recovering your password. Just click on “forgot password”. An email will be sent to you from the company. You can set a new password with this link for your account
How can I place an Order?
  • Just Select your required or favorite item.
  • Add it to the cart and check for the bill.
  • A confirmation message will be sent to you for your order confirmation.
Just type your desired or required item in the search bar. The exact items or closely related items will be on the front.
No, Sorry. You cannot reserve your order online. You must purchase it on the spot
What is the delivery time for my Order?
Your order will be delivered within 5-7 working days.
What are the delivery charges for local Orders?
Delivery charges vary according to city. These charges will be added to your total checkout
What to do if you miss the delivery?
The rider will contact you before delivering the product. You can set a time for receiving your parcel. In any case, if you miss your order, you can have a second chance.
How to Return Product?
Mian Hardware does not have a refund policy. You cannot ask for money once you purchase it. You can exchange products with another one. If a product goes out of stock, the amount will be refunded to you.
Canceling Your Order
You have the chance to cancel your order before it is processed. However, if the order is shipped, you receive a tracking ID to track your order. During this time, you cannot cancel the order. After the order is received, you have the option to “return or exchange” your product and the relevant policy will be applied
We have a right to cancel your order on some conditions. For example, if it goes out of stock, or has a pricing error, payment is declined by your bank.