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Welcome To Mian Hardware

We deal with every hardware and machine that you need for the agricultural and wood business. Along with that, here you will find chainsaw spare parts and repair services. We are based out in Khyber Pakhtunkhawa, as one of the top chainsaw dealers in Peshawar. But we serve entire Pakistan. Also, we are a government certified company that brings you quality equipment and repair services.


The best quality chainsaw is here at Mian Noorullah Hardware. These tireless portables can ease the landscaping performance remarkably.

Saw Chain

Get the professional Chainsaw repair services along with the spare parts like saw chain and many other items.

Tree Cutter Chainsaw

We carry the professional tree cutting machine in Peshawar. Choose the tree cutter chainsaw from any brand and shorten the period for every job.

Chainsaw Blade

Get the blade of your chainsaw replaced with the exact product that fits the best and performs perfectly.

Maintenance Kits

Keep your chainsaw running and in perfect order with the maintenance kits.


Here you will find filters for the oil-based chainsaw along with the similar spare parts.

Why Choose Us ?

Honest and Dependable

Honesty is the only approach we follow in our business and that is why Mian Noorullah Hardware is famous for the chainsaw tool parts in Peshawar.

Professional and Expert

We put professionalism upfront in every deal. Further, we have become experts with the years of experience dealing with hardware and chainsaw parts in Peshawar.

Licensed Organization

Your entire trade is in the safe hands as we are the government-certified hardware and chainsaw parts Peshawar dealers.

Versatile Experience

For the last thirty years we have been dealing in hardware sales and chainsaw repair services in Peshawar.

Trust Winners

Throughout our entire experience we have been providing the best quality equipment and service to our clients. And that is how we have won so much trust.

Successful Deals

Our dedication to providing the utmost service to every client has yielded our success in every deal.

Our Best Products

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Kingpark Chainsaw

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Topsun Chainsaw

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CS-680 Echo Chainsaw

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CS-1201 Chainsaw

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